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Below is a brief overview of the styles of massage therapy I offer. If you are new to massage therapy, I encourage you to ask me questions and do your own research as to the massage approach best for you!


Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

After relaxing the muscle and fascia tissue surrounding a painful or problem area, the massage therapist works using increased massage pressure to release muscle tension. Using slow and specific movements that coincide with the breath of the client, the therapist will focus on releasing the layers of muscle tissue in the body to promote healing and strengthening. This massage therapy is recommended for individuals with chronic pain areas caused by injury, stress, sports or job fatigue and intense acute muscle stress. Deep breathing is key here as we may be working through some tough and tight spots!

 Hot Stones Massage Therapy

Professional grade smooth stones are heated in a certified Hot Stones Massage water heater. The temperature of the water and stones can range in temperature depending on the client’s sensitivity to heat directly on skin. The smooth movement of the stones provides a calming and relaxing massage element while the edges of the stones may be used to address problem areas or "knots."  This is my favorite type of massage therapy service to provide to clients. As an initial skeptical myself of the true benefits of Hot Stones Massage, I am a true convert to the benefits and healing power of mother natures naturally made massage tools. 

 Swedish Massage Therapy

Swedish massage is a relaxing massage therapy approach focusing on flowing movement across the body. Swedish massage is accompanied by light pressure focusing on releasing the fascia and muscle tissue layers to provide full-body relaxation. This type of massage is the most commonly known and what most people have come to expect when they hear the word "massage."  Swedish Massage is great for overall stress relief. Focused less on specific pain areas, Swedish combines the 5 styles of strokes; tapotement, petrissage, effleurage, friction and vibration.

Chinese Cupping Therapy (Dry Cupping)
Cupping Therapy is a Chinese method that uses suction to provide increased blood flow to an area to promote healing. Originally used with glass cups and heat (flame) to create suction, the technique has been modernized to provide easy access to this healing and painless massage therapy tool. This technique is known as Dry Cupping. You might hear about Chinese Cupping involving draining of blood in a problem area (Wet Cupping). I am unable to provide this service.I may suggest the use of the cupping method to release fascia on your back at the beginning or end of the massage. 

Be aware Cupping Therapy has a tendency to leave a mark for a few days. You may find circular painless bruising (think like a hickey back in high school) that stays around for 3 to 5 days after your treatment.


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